There's nothing quite like watching movies and videos together in the same room, but the next best thing is
to watch videos with friends online. Here's our best app that will let you do just that:

so today's application called "rave" and this app is for android and ios so dont worry if you are and iphone user you still can use the app

Rave is an app on iOS and Android that lets you stream media in perfect sync from YouTube, Netflix, Google Drive and other platforms in private or public 'raves' with anyone around the world 

So to use the app is so easy , when you enter to the app you will signup with facebook or google plus or a simple email i think we all know how to do this stup so ill just skip it 

after that you will find a page like this image above, so those are rooms you can join and talk with poeple there you can use mic too if you wanna talk you can add friends too  

you can also watch what you want with random ppl by clicking that search button in top right  
To add poeple as friends you should click  this one it will show you everyone in the room and you choose  

now if you want to make your own room 

When you are in the main menu click on the 'plus button' after that you will find this 

Here you can choose what you wanna share with friends or randoms that you want 

Ps: if you wanna watch netflix with friends they should have netflix account 

This is the room situation like if you want to watch only with people that you invited or just make it public so anyone can join, you can also make only friends  ... ect 

for the invites you can invite your friends directly from the app by clicking   or share your room url buy clicking  
Here is the download link for android click here 

Here is the download link for ios click here

That was all wish you good time there :) 

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