Top 4 most dangerous waterSlides in the world 

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You may not think of danger when you think about the waterslides , in facts waterslides are safe but The Waterslides in this list make you sick 😷 here is the most 5 dangerous waterslides

 # 1 the insano the beach park (in Brazil πŸ‡§πŸ‡·)

Beach Park is a Brazilian water park and tourist resort, situated on the beach of Porto das Dunas in the municipality of Aquiraz, in the Metropolitan region of Fortaleza.

The Waterslide is too steep you can finish it all in 5-6 seconds what actualy makes you flying 
A rider commented : When you slide down, you basically fly because the fall is too steep so you're in mid-air for most of it. 

Worker also commanted that she's happy seeing alot of tourists screaming and sometimes crying before they take it most of them are (french germans , russians , ect)

 # 2          The Aqualoop (in Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί)

The open loop is very dangrous watersilede  because its about 10 meters drop into inclined pool during 7 seconds slide the riders may reach speed of 60km/h and can experience a GeForce of 2.5 

The slide which disdained by "whitewater west AQUARENA" relies on sliders achieving enough speed to make it around the loop however not all sliders do 

A woman sued the park for 400k $ when she got stuck on the slide 
She was unable to make loop and found herself stuck at the bottom of the loop 

She pulled herself out throught an  escape hstch but she experienced several injuries nonetheless the aqua loop continues to be a popular water slide 

In fact the park itself is the busiest waterpark
In Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί and the eight busiest waterpark in the world 

Thousands of sliders ride the dangerous aqua loop monthly 

 # 3                   The black hole in usa πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

The black hole wet in wild orlando Florida the black hole waterslide is an inline tube side 
located at what is considered to be ameraca's first water park, wet and wild orlando is owned by NBC Universal and was found by the creator of seaworld george millay 

The meanacing black tubes of the black hole look ominous and rightfully
So the black hole waa faced numerous lawsuits over the years including a 1.73 million dollar πŸ’΅
To a man who was severely injured in 1994 when he struck something during the ride part of the danger of the slide stems from the timing of the ride 

It takes two persons tube 23 seconds to complete the ride however the staff is told to send down at 20 seconds intervals 
This doesn't leave enough time for people to safely exit the ride before the next riders are sent down making it a dangerous sliding experience 

#4     The steamer slide at calypso( in canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦)

The water park ontario is a dangerous tube slide that has repeatedly injured its riders 
In fact in 2015 calypso waterpark was facing 20 separate charges from injured people 

Riders of the streamer slide sit on a tube slide through a dar tunnel and then spin around a bowl ,however when the slide was investigated it was discovered that the streamer slide had developed a buckle in an area of the slide that was causing the tubes to flip over the technical 
Standards and safety act , which oversees ontario's amusement park rides accused  the park of negligence and of not  having the proper equipment to ensure the safety of its riders 

And although some of the charges  were dismissed the park was found guilty on six accounts resulting in a payout of 0.5M $ in damages 

The sneer volume of injuries attests to the dangerous of the streamer slide

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