The UAE and Dubai in particular are preparing to become the focus of international, Asian and Arab attention during next August in karate, as it is the headquarters of the Asian Confederation and the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab Federation.

Dubai is expected to organize 4 Asian forums, with international presence, on arbitration, training, kata and kumite, in addition to two training courses at the Arab level, one on doping, and the second to develop women's karate.

On August 8, the AFC will organize the Arbitration and Referees Forum to raise the efficiency of Asian referees, and the field is open to all referees in the world, to attend and participate remotely. 

The Training and Coaches Forum to develop the performance of "Champions Makers" will be held in the major continents of the world on August 15th, and the Asian Confederation announced that the door is open for all coaches from all continents to attend.

On August 22th, fans of this sport will be on time with the kata forum, a branch of karate sport, which is the branch for motor show without clash.

The fourth session of the Kumite is devoted to the other branch of the game in the event of a clash of players, and a number of the most prominent experts of the game in the world and Asia will attend in these forums.

On the Arab scale, the General Secretariat is preparing to organize two training sessions, one on awareness of the dangers of doping and the other on methods and mechanisms for developing the game at the level of women.

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