Today, Thursday, the Premier League has adopted new changes to the competition, which will be applied during the next season.

According to an official statement, on the English Premier League website, the participants of the League's annual meeting, today, have unanimously agreed to return to make 3 replacements per match.

This rule changed to 5 replacements per match, following the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus.

The statement pointed out that the participants in the meeting agreed at the annual general meeting of the Premier League to adopt the rules related to the rulers of the video "Farr" in the new season. 

She explained that there are 5 main differences in the implementation of the mouse during the new season :

1- Increasing the use of the referee’s review area to make self-decisions in the three main areas (goals, red cards and penalty kicks).
2- The mouse's protocol does not allow for forgiveness if the goalkeeper tackles the penalty kick, and his foot is ahead of the line, so the video technology will require it back.
3- If the goalkeeper is off the line and the ball hits the post or goes away from the goal, it will not be returned, unless the goalkeeper has influence over the missed kick.

4- The player is held accountable for entering the area during the execution of a penalty kick according to any part of his body that was on the ground during the implementation of the kick, so if any part of the foot is inside the penalty area or on the arc line this is considered an overrun.

5- Keeping the auxiliary judgment for the flag not raised in the case of committing a marginal infiltration, and when there is an opportunity to score immediate goals, where the assistant referee keeps the flag not raised until the game is complete, then the flag is raised to indicate the initial violation, if a goal is scored, and the video technology will review Offside.

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